Exclusive! Hear Studded Left “Your Marble Mind” unofficial bootleg live from Shepherd’s Star, Texas.

Studded Left, February 11 @ Civic TV
(2010 Commerce, Unit B, Houston, Texas)
with Rough Sleepers, Gerritt Wittmer, Fantasy 1 djs.

Studded Left, February 18 @ Galveston Artist Residency, 7pm
Festival of the Beautiful with Vockah Redu.

erika thrasher, indian jewelry, studded left, pleasure 2

Studded Left, February 26, Early Matinee @ the Night Light
Oakland, California
with Weed Alien, Hiss & Hum.

Studded Left         :             Pleasure 2

If you’re looking for Indian Jewelry band, the evidence abounds. Retired. See above groups for related futures.